Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I did it!! I just deleted my whole Blog!
Don't ask me how.
It takes a real nut to do that.
It will take awhile for me to get it all back because
I am really s-t-r-e-s-s-e-d out right now!

Now I am in REAL trouble. My header
box is too big and my post box is too small!


  1. Oh, I would probably be way more stressed than you!

  2. HI MOM
    So GLAD you are back up! You have so much to share and offer! Hope you share more! I love that Girls Poem - I wish I could find a good photo to put with it for Anna-Kate GRACE!
    I like all the NEW Blog Headers you are creating! Keep CREATING!
    xo, Colette

  3. Somehow I got my blog attached to two of my FIVE emails. (a bit compulsive, eh?) Anyway after your experience, I was scared to delete the extraneous blog for fear they were somehow connected and I would love everything, too. I downloaded, created a backup, then held my breath as I deleted the extra. It worked! Yay!
    Love technology, but sometimes it is just plain scary.