Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for Anna-Kate

Thankful for.....
While the above page is not my Thanksgiving photo page, I hope to post that after Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for FIVE Years in our current home - so thankful we haven't moved in five years!
I am thankful for all three of my children, Peter, Luke and Anna-Kate.
Today, I am writing about Anna-Kate - because she is so cheerful and helpful and she has taught me a lot about being thankful.  Today she is cheerfully helping me bake and prepare for our thanksgiving dinner.  She wants to make a apple crandberry pie from scratch - because she likes to chop things up and help, and because that's what we made last year.  She has come in to remind's supposed to be a baking day. 
I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday that we pause and take time to be thankful! 
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Thanksgiving 2010 - now thankful for FIVE years at the same house- five thanksgiving meals shared at our table. So thankful to have a home and not be moving.