Thursday, September 1, 2011

Relisting, renewing and starting a new

RENEW - Renew is the word for a blog challenge I am thinking of entering. The challenge has inspired me to renew my love for writing by posting more! Warren and I are even thinking of starting a new travel blog. It's hard for me to believe that one month ago we were in New Zealand! This blog, ewe-scrap, was great when I was scrap-booking- but I haven't been able to keep up with that hobby as much as I would like. These days my time seems to be consumed with homeschooling our youngest daughter, Anna-Kate, and taking her to gymnastics practice. Peter and Luke also keep me busy with their middle school and high school extracurricular activities, homework, scouts, chorus, etc. And then you add to the mix that Warren travels overseas to work - and I feel stretched in many directions. But I do still have a creative side and have been helping my mom, Sally Swift, with her blogs and etsy sites - and also started an Etsy site, Treasures4ewe, of my own. I had a sale today and feel encouraged to list more items and renew the listing on my older items.
I would love suggestions for names for our new travel blog! We have so much more to share from our overseas adventure to New Zealand. Since we have been home Warren has been to Savannah, Lake Lanier and India! I am hoping he has a trip to Alaska this year and that I might get to sneak away with him! Please let me know your ideas for our new family travel blog.
I would love to hear what you might like to renew!?

Thanks and have a blessed day!


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