Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bernie Saves The Day

We have a soft coated Wheaton Terrier that will turn four in a December. Smart and special are two words I would use to describe our beloved pet Bernie.

This morning I woke up early, not feeling well. I decided to make breakfast for everyone and when I was done – I could smell gas – like I had left the gas stove on too long. I didn’t think give it much more thought – but was really tired and went back to bed.
It wasn’t long till Bernie was whining and running from person to person. I finally got up and tried to figure out what Bernie was trying to tell us. He was up and down the stairs – whining and sniffing. Bernie even stood up several times and sniffed the air. The house smelled like gas and Bernie had alerted us. We opened the windows and called the gas company. The gas company came out soon and told us we had not one, but two leaks. Bernie was persistent and clever the way he communicated with us. Reminded me of a lassie story. Bernie was a handful as a pup, chewing up everything he could get his teeth on, including brand new shoes, toys, wallets, etc. Bernie has mellowed out a bit and has been a constant companion for the children and I. Bernie has been our watch dog as Warren works overseas more than he is home. We are thankful for our sweet, smart, soft coated Wheaton Terrier named Bernie.

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