Monday, November 30, 2009


THANKFUL for FOUR YEARS of living in the same home.
We redecorated our dining room in celebration of our four years, at one home, same address! A lot to be thankful this Thanksgiving, November 2009. It marks the first time we, Warren and Colette and family, have celebrated four Thanksgivings (or any holiday) in one home, at the same address – in over 20 years! In celebration we bought a new light fixture and hung drapes, and the whole room feels cozier! I ran across the drapes at a garage sale a few months ago – and they match perfectly! We cooked our meal and celebrated together! We took a photo of our house, sent them off to Grandma – and she already put together a lovely digital page for us to remember our special occasion. I am thankful for a place to call home and to not be moving this year! Come and have a cup of tea with us in Alpharetta, Georgia

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