Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bouncing Bunny

We recently moved overseas and had to leave our much loved dog, Bernie behind. Bernie is a soft coated wheaten terrier and had been our constant companion for the past 6+ years. Time, customs, quarantines and expense were not on our side. Our move was quick and Warren is helping with Earthquake reconstruction in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you have a pet and move overseas - be sure to check on the pet policies for your new country. New Zealand happens to be one of the strictest. And to make matters worse, we are currently renting a house and most rentals don't allow pets. We feel lost with out Bernie, especially in this walker friendly town. Our owner did say it was okay to get an outside bunny. I had several bunnies growing up and always loved bunnies! We decided to try a Flemish giant as they are supposed to be the friendliest. Our bunny is black with white paws, so we named her boots -our "all blacks bunny"! Boots is so sweet and has been easy to train. We keep her outside during the day - but let her come inside for short - supervised visits! She loves our family and is already trained to a litter pan! She gives us cuddles and is a great pet!

Recently Anna-Kate had to write a poem for school.....
"With a thud of her feet hopping around
all over the garden that’s where she is found
But when she gets tired she lays in the shade
With her chin on her paws then the day fades away
She sleeps there for a while, until she wakes up
There’s no pound on the ground,
there’s no munch and crunch to be heard
But when she wakes up it starts all over again
With a thud of her feet hopping around"
Anna-Kate is 10 and loves Boots too! We will always miss Bernie, but we know he is in good hands.

Mom's recommendation - Bunnies make great pets and are easy to train!

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  1. Excellent post. LOVE the photo of Boots and LOVE Anna-Kate's poem. such talent.