Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tea Cups and Tea time

"A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards." - A.A. Milne

My first tea cup is this lovely Shelley tea set that my mother got for me as a birthday present when I was about 17 and it is one of my favorites!

When I was younger, I remember wanting to collect something that was both pretty and practical and I have been collecting tea cups ever since! I have a beautiful china hutch that holds most of my tea cups! I haven't unpacked all my tea cups yet -and I have been missing them. My love for tea cups and tea parties has been re-kindled since moving back to New Zealand - where we drink hot tea all the time - well, most days! Tea time in New Zealand is a lovely carryover from colonial days!
Just this week I stopped by a thrift store in Riccarton, here in Christchurch, and i was so delighted to find several trio sets to choose from! I selected a lovely light blue Queen Anne trio for my self and I decided to get my 10 year old daughter, Anna-Kate, a lovely lilac trio set of her own. Anna-Kate is also collecting tea cups and we are planning to have a tea party soon!

I also have a lovely trio that my step-mother bought back for me on a trip to Europe. Warren's grandmother also collected tea cups and we inherited several of hers, including a lovely and popular Old English Rose set. And just last year my friend Nedia gave me a tea cup that reminds me of our friendship!

I hope to write more about tea time and our upcoming tea parties. I have had fun pinning lots of tea party ideas, tea cups and tea pots on my Pinterest board! You can follow me there at: Colette's Cottage

Mom's recommendation - make time for tea - with friends and family! Have tea parties with your children! Come and have a cup of tea and follow me!


  1. Great blog...looking forward to our tea time together.

  2. love your teacups! and your house bunny is so cute! Lovely to have found your blog, Catherine

  3. Thanks Catherine, love your Etsy shop too!


  4. Great tea cup post! You are so lucky to get a Shelley for your very first cup! It is beautiful too. So is the Queen Anne, such a fine example of a vintage cup. I love that shade of blue.
    I am happy to be a new follower : )

  5. Thanks Terri - yes, so pleased with my first Shelley! Thanks for your kind comments!