Monday, July 11, 2011

Antarctic Centre

The Antarctic Centre is located in Christchurch, the gateway to Antarctica for the US and New Zealand personnel who make the long journey south. Warren and Anna-Kate were able to spend a long morning at the Antarctic Centre while I had a lovely morning tea with my friends (although they talked about the earthquakes too much for my comfort). Warren will write about their visit:

Hi, Anna-Kate and I first went to a 4D movie about Antarctica - it was so cool since it was a 3D movie with special effects (water and wind spray, the seat moved, and we had snow and bubbles too). In the entry foyer we also had some snow, and that's where this first photo is located. There were lots of displays with tons of interesting information.

In this picture you can see them feeding the penguins. These little blue penguins are so cute, and it was so much fun to watch their antics. After this we went on a Hagland Ride, which are the cool tractor type ski-doos which carry people around Antarctica ... it was awesome to go blasting up and down the course, over the crevase, and through the water like a boat.

Lastly we went into the deep freeze where the temperatures ranged from really cold to bitterly cold (-5 to -21 Celcius). Anna-Kate had a lot of fun on the various play things. We enjoyed the galleries and displays on our way out, and also had to stop off in the shop to get a couple of souveniers.

The next day the boys and I drove south to Gore, and an adventure on a sheep farm ... but you'll have to wait until we can blog again for that story.

Thanks for following the blog.
Warren, Colette, and family.

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