Thursday, July 14, 2011

Southland Farming

Warren writing a quick update:

Before coming up to Wanaka, I took Peter and Luke down to Gore to experience a day on a Southland farm ... just like when I grew up. Despite the mild sunny weather we've had all trip, the day on the farm was a truly wet Southland day. We had to pick up some gumboots and then don wet weather gear to go out into the elements. We did lots of walking in the process of moving electric fences around for the purpose of feeding the sheep (by giving them additional swedes or grass to eat each day). Both boys got to spend a little time out on the tractor to help with feeding out hay, but had the most fun blasting around paddocks on the back of the ute. They were exhausted by the end of the day, but that is perfectly OK.

I took a ton photos of sheep and the surrounding area, but only thought I should include one more photo here.

On the Sunday, it was totally awesome for my Aunt and Uncle to host a pot-luck where several of my oldest and best friends were in attendance. It sure was a wonderful blessing to catch up with so many people in one afternoon.


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