Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Christchurch Overview
One of the best parts of our recent tour of Christchurch was going to an overlook adjacent to Sign of the Takahe. Unfortunately the sun was totally in the wrong place, so we don't have any spectacular photos to share ... but it was really cool to look out over the city.

High School in New Zealand
While we've been here in Christchurch, both Peter and Luke have been going to Riccarton High School with their friends. In New Zealand the schools all have uniforms, and the boys were given the choice to wear them or not (since they're only visiting). Peter didn't really have anyone to borrow from due to his height, but Luke was keen to jump into the whole experience, and has been wearing a uniform for the week. The boys are enjoying their time so much, they want to stay and not return home to America. Luke is still in middle school in the states, but there aren't many middle or intermidate schools here in Christchurch. Luke seems to really be enjoying his time in high school.... see Luke and his friend Jared in the photo below:
The boys have said they would like to stay in school with their friends, rather than continue on with the rest of the holiday.

Anna-Kate has been going to Primary School with her cousins and I hope to get an update from her today. We only have a couple of days left here in Christchurch before we head south.

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  1. what a wonderful "vacation" for all of you! I definitely want a post card!
    5 Skyline Drive, Flemington NJ 08822!

  2. Thanks Kim! Mailed you a postcard today! Hope you have a great summer too!