Monday, July 11, 2011

Avonhead Primary School

Avonhead Primary School is in Avonhead, the subarb where we previously lived in Christchurch. We lived here for three years, 2002-2005. During this visit, Anna-Kate stayed with her cousins Matthew (9) and Emily (7) and she went to school with them three days this week. I picked her up from school on Wednesday and she was so happy she asked if she could go to school the rest of the week! She had already made several friends and she especially enjoyed the one hour lunch break and extra time running around on the awesome playgrounds! I saw several familiar faces and was glad I got to stop and talk with one of Peter's favorite teachers. After school Anna-Kate played on the school's extensive playground before we walked to Aunty Erika's house. Anna-Kate asked about going to a playground with a merry go round and there just happens to be one in Aunty Erika's neighborhood- just a few houses down. We walked down to the playground and ran into two nice girls that played with Anna-Kate and they even shared their "fairy bread" with her. The girls names were Anna and Amy, so they named themselves "The 'A' Team". She came back so happy from playing in the fresh air with lovely friends! Anna-Kate said 'this is such a friendly environment!!" Aunty Erika had us over for dinner and she and Anna-Kate made a delicious lemon pudding - with fresh lemons straight from Aunty Erika's lemon tree! It really is nice to live/visit a city where the local community is so strong, and where everyone can walk to a park or playground. The photo below shows Anna-Kate in mufti (no uniform) while her cousins are wearing the same uniform which Peter and Luke wore during their time at Avonhead a few years ago.

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